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“Trading the stock market is an art. The more time you spend with it, the more artistic your trades will be.” – Vinayak

Vinayak is trading and investing in the Indian stock market for more than 10 years now. He is a full time trader and has done a lot of live trading sessions with his students. He has trained more than 200 students in the last 2 years and most of them are successful full time traders. 
He manages various client accounts and is also a consultant to various fund houses. As a sub-broker with multiple brokerage houses, he and his clients get the best facilities for the best brokerage in the industry. He is also a blogger where he discloses his trades and the overview of the market. He also has a youtube channel where he does quality stock trading video tutorials.

Vinayak’s approach

  • Stats say that 90% of traders are not successful. No matter how sure you are in your trade, always have a hedge and an edge to be a successful trader.

  • Trading is like driving a car. Airbag(hedge) does protect you to a certain extent but it is not a guarantee. 

  • It is not the strategy that gives you the winning trade. Risk management, margin management, and pulling the plug out when things don’t work give you the edge. So stop looking for the golden strategy. There isn’t one!! 

  • Trading is a simple game. You just need some common sense and the guts to go with the conviction. You need not be a mathematician or have extraordinary analytical skills. Stick to the basics and keep it simple. 

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