Option Trading Model

Option Trading Model

New to Options Trading? Then this is the a must course for all. You will be able to immediately begin trading in options once you complete the course. 


Who Should Take This Course

This is for people who want to generate passive income by trading in options. This course is useful for people who are professionals, self employed, housewifes and students.


What Is The Minimum Capital Requirement?

This course will be useful for people who can get started with a minumum capital of Rs 2-3 lakh



This course will help you in building a skyscaper from scratch. So this is not a get rich quick scheme where you make money overnight. The intention of this course is to guide you in the right path to make consistent money by trading in options. This course is divided into 4 sub courses. 

  • Option Trading Model

         This course will help you getting the foundation right. We believe that if the foundations are not good then you cannot build anything. But, if your foundation is strong then its very easy to build a skyscraper.

  • Niche Clarity Blueprint

        There are some qualities and personalities which one must develop to be a successful options trader. This course will concentrate on developing those first before you enter the world of options.

  • Option Trading Psychology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​        Psychology is the main thing in trading. If you know to control your mind then you can be a successful trader. This course will teach how to deal in situations where you need to control your greed and fear. It will teach you how you need to be trading monk in your journey.

  • Option Trading Strategies

​​​​​​​      This course will discuss all the strategies, when to implement and how to implement and for what market condition. More importantly, this will discuss the adjustment startegies which you should learn incase things go wrong so that you make a decent profit or come out with a minimal loss.


Pre Requirement

You need to know the basics of stock market. It will be an added advantage if you are having hands on in options trading. Its totally fine if you are not aware of options trading as eveything will be covered in the entire course.



    ₹20,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹15,000.00Sale Price